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How to Clean Gas Stove Jets

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Gas stoves have one or more fuel jets that need to be kept clean for optimal performance.

Standard gas stove ranges provide a much more even and consistent cooking heat than electrically driven appliances. The main gas jets that supply the fuel to the ignition system reside underneath the burners. Over time, these jets can become clogged with debris, causing an uneven flame or resulting in no flame at all. Careful cleaning will renew the gas stove jets and extend the life of your appliance.

1. Ensure that the gas stove is completely cool or wait for it to become so.
2. Locate the gas valve behind the stove and shut it off to prevent gas from flowing to the stove while you work on it. Slide the stove from its location, if necessary, to safely reach the valve.
3. Unplug the stove from the wall outlet if it has an electrical cord, such as for a digital clock.
4. Lift the stove lid and prop it up with the propping post that resides inside the stove’s cavity.
5. Locate the gas jets at each burner.. Typically, there will be two jets for each burner.
6. Remove the screws that hold one of the jets to the internal support arm, using a screwdriver. Each manufacturer uses a different quantity and type of screw for every model, so consult the manual for specific screw information.
7. Hand pull the jet from the support arm and opposite burner valve port.
8. Place a thin brush into the gas stove jet’s opening and slowly manipulate the brush within the opening to loosen any debris.
9. Dispose of the debris by carefully turning the jet upside down inside a trash can.
10. Manoeuvre the jet back into the burner valve port. Press the jet back down into position on the support arm. Reattach the screws with a screwdriver.
11. Repeat the process for the rest of the jets, then plug the electrical cord back in, turn the gas valve back on and return the stove to its proper position.

by Amy Rodriguez, Demand Media

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