Washing Machine Repairs & Dryer Repairs

Washing Machine Repairs

Washing machines and dryers are necessary appliances and when things go wrong fast and affordable washing machine repairs and dryer repairs are a must.

The importance and efficiency of a washing machine often isn’t understood until it stops working. Once that happens, it can become quite clear how much you rely on this appliance. To help with hassle-free and easy washing machine repairs and dryer repairs, our friendly and trustworthy service team will do our best to service your appliance and have it up and running within the same day in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich.
As with fridges, modern techniques and support are needed for washing machine repairs and dryer repairs. For older washing machines, repair is more of an art than a science and is usually the most economical choice. In Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich, Our standard Call Out Fee is industry leading and includes 30 minutes of labour and all of our parts carry a 1 year warranty, We can repair most issues in less than 30 minutes, with most simple repairs such as blockages and basic cable faults or parts replacement can be completed in the included 30 minutes.

Water leaks are commonplace for washing machines and are not hard to repair. For these fixes, there are lots of inexpensive options and parts supply is rarely an issue.
If you are having trouble with your appliance there are a couple helpful tips we have to save you time and money:

If it is a front loading laundry machine, it is important to check if your drain is loose and that all the lint is removed.

Be sure to wash your delicates in a bag to prevent parts from getting stuck.

Dryer Repairs

It can be quite an inconvenience if your drying machine stops working and you and your family have become dependent on this modern day laundry room appliance.

It can also be costly to keep these appliances running if they are not running efficiently.

Repairs for your dryer are an ecologically viable option, however, this is not much cheaper than a replacement.

Few problems occur with drying machines so fault finding is easy. Dryers are also basic so age is not a factor in repair.

Give us a call if you are experiencing any of the following problems with your laundry machines:

  • Problems with heating
  • Issues with water drainage
  • Your machine won’t fill or spin
  • There are any uncommon noises
  • There is fault code flashing
  • If you notice any other issues you are unsure of

Have you got a leaky washing machine or a dryer that won’t heat up? A1 Appliance Repairs Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich can fix it at an unbeatable price. Inquire today!

Washing Machine Repairs & Dryer Repairs
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