Fridge Repairs & Freezer Repairs

Need Fridge Repairs or Freezer Repairs?

In hot and humid Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast, refrigerators are the most important kitchen appliance and fast and affordable fridge repairs and freezer repairs are a priority when they breakdown.

Because your refrigerator is used to store food and keep meals fresh, it’s important to make sure that this appliance is in good working order.

Make sure your fridge and freezer are cold enough

Refrigerators should be kept at the correct temperature to ensure the reproduction of bacteria is slowed enough for the food to be useable. Without proper maintenance or repairs of your refrigerator, you could end up losing money on food, or worse yet, suffering from an illness due to consumption of spoilt food. If your refrigerator is not at or below 4 degrees celsius, it will not be able to prevent bacterial growth.

The vast majority of the time, fridge repairs are much cheaper than replacement units. If finding the appropriate part proves difficult, we have adapted several different techniques to get around parts supply problems on most fridges by using retrofit parts, which are tested to provide good fridge repairs. Please note, that on rare occasions special parts will need to be ordered. This could increase the length of time it takes for your repair. In Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich, Our standard Call Out Fee is industry leading and includes 30 minutes of labour and all of our parts carry a 1 year warranty, We can repair most issues in less than 30 minutes, with most simple repairs such as blockages and basic cable faults or parts replacement can be completed in the included 30 minutes.

Just like fridges, freezers also need to be maintained at the correct temperature to ensure that the food you and your family are consuming is safe. Problems with cooling systems, such as bad evaporator fans, faulty defrost control timers and malfunctioning safety switches, are just some of the issues that can occur that will negatively affect the safety and storage of your food.

Modern fridges and freezers require effective diagnostics by trained persons to correctly identify and repair problems. Gas leaks occur in less than 5% of problem fridges, while compressors fail even less. We are trained in modern diagnostic techniques and have manufacturer service documents to allow us to accurately diagnose the problem.  Older fridges and freezers require intuitive fault finding skills that are honed by experience. We have 40 years of combined experience, giving us the needed skills and experience to accurately perform fridge repairs and freezer repairs.

We work with a variety of refrigerators and freezers including:

  • Domestic fridges
  • Commercial fridges and freezers

Call us if your fridge or freezer is:

  • Leaking water and you can’t locate the source
  • Running but not cooling
  • No longer running or turning on
  • Making strange noises
  • Tripping power circuits
  • Continuously cycling from on and off even after you have cleaned the condenser coils
  • If you notice any other issues you are unsure of


To have your refrigerator and freezer looked at and quickly repaired, contact us first for same day service!

Fridge Repairs & Freezer Repairs
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